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Hi, and welcome to April,

The Easter break threw a few curve balls into our monthly updates schedule, and amidst a bunch of visits to Melbourne and back to get photography done for a bunch of upcoming VCAT projects, we’re in the middle of a hectic period – a very welcome change to how things were late last year. 

As I mentioned last time, successful property developers must be ahead of the market. Activity has markedly picked up across various types of projects, and while there are ongoing challenges with construction costs and land values, developers are actively pushing ahead with projects.

Over the last few weeks, we were buoyed by the great news of three of our visualisation projects that went to VCAT and received permits in March. 

One notable topic on the rise is the debate around the Australia-wide ban on the use of engineered stone in construction after July 2024. Using crystalline silica in engineered stone creates hazards when cutting the stone during installation and manufacture. So expect cost-effective alternatives to be developed in the next little while, as the current options are quite limited unless developers turn to natural stone—but they are pretty cost-prohibitive. 

Amidst all this change, one thing remains constant: the demand for high-quality property. With an influx of new migrants and over 700,000 international students over the last 12 months, the search for a perfect place to call home has seldom been higher. Current auction clearances hover around 70-80% in capital cities, which indicates a pretty healthy market.

Here are some articles that we came across in the last month of interest:

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Feature Project – Sovereign Shores – The Promenade Residences

Step away from the ordinary and into a luxuriously elevated way of living by the Broadwater at Paradise Point on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast. The package included over 15 still exterior 3D perspectives and associated 2D floorplans and floorplates.

Explore the exterior 3D visualisation we created for this spectacular project here.

Land Pioneers Podcast – Nicki Hay from Core Projects

In our second episode of The Land Pioneers podcast, we feature Nicki Hay, Core Projects’s co-founder.

Nicki walks us through the critical decisions involved in integrating natural elements and strategic block analysis for land estate developments. Through her insights, we discover the profound impact of human-centric design, illustrating how every detail contributes to a sustainable, thriving community. Nicki emphasises collaboration and innovation throughout our podcast, highlighting the teamwork that shapes their visionary projects.

Watch the podcast episode to better understand the dynamic business landscape, particularly with the rising prominence of talented women in the construction industry. From once being a male-dominated industry, Nicki speaks of a more inclusive environment where women are not just present but thriving in leadership roles like CEO.

Click here to check it out.

Feature Expert – Buying Land in South Australia – Why SA?

We’re launching a new video series featuring James Polacek, the CEO of Polly Property and a 20-year veteran of project marketing and land acquisition in South Australia.

In the first episode, James explores the compelling reasons behind buying land in South Australia. He shows how SA became the nation’s top-performing state and consistently star performer.

If you’re curious about Adelaide’s market dynamics, price fluctuations, employment factors, and more, don’t miss out on this interview!

Come along as James shares insightful advice on purchasing land in the region, kicking off with the first episode of the four-part series.

Meet Marlou Jane – Combining Working from Home & Motherhood

Hello, my name is MJ, and I work with Eagle Vision as the executive assistant and marketing coordinator. I’m giving my fellow mums a peek into my life to encourage them that managing a job and motherhood can be thoroughly balanced. As a mother of three, my oldest child brings a little additional magic to the family due to his autism; my second child helps me in everything; and my 2-year-old lightens up our day. Schedules, food, and the sound of my laptop typing away make up the daily rollercoaster of my life.

Usually, I get up early to start my day before the sun comes up. My kids get ready for school, and as soon as they leave, my work starts immediately. Chaos usually breaks out at lunchtime since we have to eat quickly because my kids have to return to school immediately after their lunch break. Dinnertime is a team effort. I prepare the food, my eldest child sets the table, and my second child washes the dishes. On weekends, I go to the public market or the grocery store to buy supplies for my family. We usually go together, as this is like our bonding time.

The best experience of my life over the last eleven years has been balancing work from home and motherhood, but it also calls for a tightrope act. I am grateful to Eagle Vision for giving me the trust and the opportunity to pursue my career while supporting my family.

So here’s to the mums navigating this wild ride with me. We’re doing it all—changing diapers, cleaning, Zoom meetings, wiping tears, and meeting deadlines. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, and it’s uniquely ours. And in the end, when I see my kids’ smiling faces, I know it’s all worth it.

We’re excited and privileged to work with dedicated team members such as MJ who serve as an inspiration to many mothers around the world.

All the best for your month ahead, and may your ventures be joyous and exhilarating,


Stan Zaslavsky

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