Stan Zaslavsky

In this episode, we’re exploring the crucial role of information memorandums (IMs) in presenting detailed investment opportunities. IMs serve as comprehensive documents to provide investors with the necessary insights to make informed decisions. Whether you’re venturing into small-scale projects or large joint ventures, the quality of your IM can make or break investor interest.

Additionally, we address the finer points of managing investor expectations. Discover how developers can build trust through track records or, if new to a larger scale, by showcasing a strong, experienced team.

Key Insights:

  • What is an Investor Memorandum (IM) document?
  • What kind of mistakes do you see in IMs?
  • What makes a really good IM document?
  • What does it mean to manage an investor’s expectations?


Join us for an insightful discussion with Ben Payne from Payne Advisory Group as we delve into the world of scaling developments and effective communication with investors.

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