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Hi, and welcome to March Madness! (or so they call it in the US College Basketball 🙂

February has been the stark opposite of how our year started in January – the pipeline of new visual impact evidence projects rapidly filled up, so we’re all planned out until at least the middle of this year. In addition to these projects, we also began working on a renewable energy project with visualisation and animation flythrough components, which is exciting to see the next stage of this project come to life. 

The floodgates for new projects opened in February, and perhaps it’s due to some renewed confidence in the market as interest rates stayed on hold and some commentators started to predict rates would come down towards the end of this year. 

From what we know of property developers – to be successful, they need to be ahead of the market, and if they are to catch the wave of rising property prices and demand – just like surfers out on the surfboards – they can see the wave coming – there is talk of improving market sentiment and if the interest rates come down at some stage later in the year – it will free up a lot of credit and bank lending will get easier, thus allowing more people to get into the property market.

Image courtesy of Bernard Salt.

Earlier in February, I heard a presentation by one of Australia’s foremost futurists and business commentators, Bernard Salt. It was exceptionally impressive through the breadth of his research and the quality of it. Some of the main takeaways from his talk were as follows: 

  • From 1993, when Australia was in 24th place, to 2024, we are in 14th place by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), so our economy has grown tremendously over the last 30 years
  • For consumer spending, Australia is in 10th place across top countries by GDP per capita in 2023
  • We’re at the right place and time for business opportunities in aged care, technology and AI
  • Worker shortage is here to stay even though Australia’s population is growing rapidly through overseas migration
  • Regional cities have benefitted dramatically with their population swelling because of the events of the last four years. 

There were many other insights, but overall, it gave a lot of confidence and sound research to plan our strategic business direction. 

Here are some of the articles of interest that I came across during the month:

Planning rules blamed for boosting property prices as much as 40%

Auction market booms as house prices bust

New sales inquiries up 20pc as rate expectations stabilise: Stockland

RBA to cut rates “sooner and faster”

House prices continue to rise despite higher interest rates, inflation and cost of living.

We are also super excited to bring you our new venture, The Land Pioneers podcast. It’s a journey into the heart of the broadacre development industry, driven by a mission to reveal the key insights and lessons behind some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

In the first episode, the featured guest is Maxwell Shifman from Intrapac. He offered an exclusive glimpse into some of Intrapac’s most successful projects and the principles guiding his decision-making process.

Click here to check out the inaugural episode of the podcast.

To close off the series on Scaling Developments with Ben Payne, in the last episode, we’re exploring the crucial role of information memorandums (IMs) in presenting detailed investment opportunities. IMs serve as comprehensive documents to provide investors with the necessary insights to make informed decisions. Whether you’re venturing into small-scale projects or large joint ventures, the quality of your IM can make or break investor interest.

Click here to check out this video episode

The feature project this month is the equestrian hobby farm subdivision in Orange, NSW.

Tasked with a unique challenge of developing the concept of equestrian living, at the outset our team only received a subdivision plan to start with. We embarked on a journey to bring this vision to life with minimal instructions and lots of room to explore creatively how the project will be envisioned in the future.

Click here to check out the final visuals and the workflow processes

Last month, another significant date passed – February the 24th marked the second anniversary of Russian invasion into Ukraine. As quite a few of our team members were affected by this, we wanted to share with you the personal journey of one of our 3D modellers, Konstantin Rekochynskyi, who lives in Odessa.

When the war first broke out, Konstantin, his wife and young son had to navigate a very difficult decision of either staying put in Odessa or moving to their countryside place which was less likely to be attacked however the internet and phone reception were suboptimal.

Luckily, with Starlink and after acquiring a power generator, he maintained a mostly uninterrupted work pace even as the war came closer to Odessa as its a key strategic city on the Black sea with lots of naval warfare going on around there.

Here is Kosta’s story in his own words:

Hello everyone, my name is Konstantin, but you can just say Kosta. I have been working for Eagle Vision for over seven years as a primary modeler and I want to say that this is what I enjoy doing. I also have sufficient experience as a render artist, and am also quite professional in post-processing and retouching of photographs. I live in the city of Odessa in the south of Ukraine. This is a beautiful city on the Black Sea coast, with its own special atmosphere, established traditions and unique charm. Many famous and respected personalities have visited here at different times. Among them are rulers of states, scientists, composers, actors, etc.

Now Ukraine is going through difficult times, but people are not giving up. I am one of them too :).

I try to keep myself in good shape, take an interest in new technologies, learn new things and just don’t lose heart. The Eagle Vision team supports me, for which I am immensely grateful and I hope I can also be useful. Our lives are filled with challenges and it is very important when there are people who can help in difficult times. I sincerely hope that everything will get better soon. I wish everyone not to be discouraged and not to lose hope – sometimes it can be difficult – everything will be fine

Sometimes a person does not suspect, when faced with himself, that he has no idea what awaits him. Despair is the point after which faith and hope disappear. All that’s left to do is move. Because movement creates energy that supports us and gives us the desire to continue living. Just live and don’t think about the bad, don’t think about the past – just live…and your thoughts will come in order. People don’t have problems – they just have a bunch of negative thoughts based on past experiences.


We’re extremely privileged to work with dedicated team members such as Kosta and many others who were not as lucky to be able to stay back and left their homeland and had to re-establish their workplaces elsewhere.

All the best for your month ahead, and may your ventures be fruitful and ambitious,


Stan Zaslavsky

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