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Welcome to November – it’s nearly the silly season with Christmas around the corner!

Crazy how fast this year has flown – business has been pretty steady and improving over the last 12 months, and whilst we’ve completed some fantastic projects over the year – the overriding feeling is that more is still to come and this streak of productive growth in the economy has at least another 2-3 years to go. The economic fluctuations of 2020 and the supply chain problems it caused are moving further and further away and the new style of working and living are becoming more and more entrenched. AI is no longer a novelty and lots of businesses are starting to use it in ways beyond just content generation, and this may bring across new efficiencies and time savings.

So combining these ideas – and seeing articles starting to appear in the media about the lack of dwelling approvals compared to the massive demand due to an influx of migration – should set up Australia to have a promising period ahead, unless calamities in the world politics find their way into the economy to throw things off this path. For more info, have a read of the article here.

Dwelling approvals capital cities

Mortgage stress is at the highest level that it has been for about 15 years, so that seems to have stymied the RBA cycle of interest rate rises. From a Roy Morgan article released on the 31st of October – the number of Australians ‘At Risk’ of mortgage stress (1,573,000) is at a record high. The proportion of mortgage holders at 30.3% remains below the record highs reached during the Global Financial Crisis 15 years ago because of the larger Australian mortgage market today. The record high of 35.6% of mortgage holders in mortgage stress was reached in mid-2008.

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Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), average interviews per 3 month period April 2007 – September 2023, n=2,759. Base: Australians 14+ with owner-occupied home loan.

And perhaps because of these two completely opposing forces, it may have made for a more challenging October than expected initially.

We completed various projects across VCAT (including an expert witness appearance by yours truly), a significant land estate community launch of The Loxford and several smaller residential marketing developments. But in terms of new projects that clients were talking about – most of them got delayed for one reason or another.

Some more articles of interest that we saw throughout the month:

Feature Project – Footscray Clinical Hub

In preparing visual impact evidence for VCAT, the photomontages are not only a tool to represent the proposed development but also a means of communication that can bridge the gap between technical documentation and the lived experience of the public. They are a persuasive element of the evidence package that can significantly influence the Tribunal’s decision.

Click here to read about the 3D visual impact evidence methodology and the photomontages we created for the project.

Scaling Developments – Part 1: From Speculator to Professional

In this first instalment of the new video interview series on Scaling Developments, we explore the practical steps taken, offering insights for developers aiming to transform their side hustles into a professional development outfit with a team and a pipeline of projects.

Ben Payne, a highly experienced property development accountant and CPA, shares his experience in overcoming the challenges of assembling sufficient funding to complete the pipeline of developments.

Click here to watch the first episode.

Journey to Ironman

I’m pretty chuffed to have completed my second-ever triathlon on the 22nd of October.

I had some interesting revelations about my mindset as the conditions were far more challenging than in April, yet I’d committed to completing it regardless of the time taken.

Click here to read about it on my personal blog.

Now, there are only about 4 weeks to go to the proper test, but it feels like I’m nearly ready for it as I’ve had a couple of go’s at transitioning from one discipline to another and every time getting a tiny bit faster and more efficient with it. Of course, there’s a long road ahead to complete a full Ironman triathlon, but an Ironman 70.3 – bring it on!

All the best to your month ahead and as always, please reach out if any questions come up,


Stan Zaslavsky.

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