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Welcome to 2023 and the Chinese Year of the Rabbit!

The year of the Rabbit is associated with peace, stability, and prosperity, symbolising a time for reflection, renewal, and the pursuit of happiness. And as we welcome the year of the Rabbit, the property industry is facing some new challenges and opportunities.

With kids back in school and higher interest rates affecting families, the housing market is expected to focus on affordability and stability. Property developers may feel pressure to provide more affordable options, but with the right approach and a focus on innovation, there may be opportunities to meet the needs of home buyers and make the most of the year ahead. The year of the Rabbit brings a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts, and with that in mind, the property industry is poised for growth and success in the months ahead.

Nevertheless, it’s always exciting to see what the year ahead will bring – there are opportunities across all three areas of focus for us – with some solid projects completed last year and a planned out pipeline of visual impact evidence projects spanning the next 6 months. And while all that was happening – the year has already started with an urgent project that we turned around in 7 days for a custom redevelopment of a warehouse to make it suitable for an entirely new application and had to work really fast to get the image ready for the tender documents. 3D visualisation is an exceptionally powerful tool to help visualise possibilities!

Recently, we started using two artificial intelligence tools, Midjourney and ChatGPT, in some of our content creation. Although it’s been a bit of a learning curve, we’ve found that it’s helped us improve our work more times than not. We’re really excited about the potential these tools have for making our 3D work even better. We think these tools have the potential to take our work to the next level, giving us new ways to be creative and detailed.

And to see the potential of it, I used it to help me write an article about The 5 Essential Factors for Successful and Sustainable Large Scale Land Developments – I felt that an article on the key factors for successful and sustainable large-scale land developments would help property developers create better, more responsible and environmentally friendly projects. More people want to see responsible development practices and understand what makes a project successful. Hope that it provides valuable information and inspires developers to create truly sustainable and harmonious land estates. Click here to check it out.

I wrote about the use of artificial intelligence in 3D visualisation back in 2017 (article here) and in the last 6 years it’s finally starting to be more practical for businesses to use it – I wonder what the next 6 years will bring!

For the feature project, this month is a project we worked on in November/December last year, where we completed visual amenity evidence as instructed by planning lawyers for a medium-rise residential development in Brunswick East in Melbourne. This project received a notice of decision to grant a permit earlier this year so we’re quite excited to see this building come to realisation once its built.

Click here to check out the project photomontages.



It’s interesting what happens when we decide and commit to that decision rather than consider and dream about doing something. So as some of you may know, I’ve been dreaming about doing an Ironman for the last 10 or so years ever after meeting the triathlete crew when I started working on my fears of swimming in open water back in 2012.

My fascination started when I observed how happy and positive individuals were in the triathlete squad – most of them were exceptionally high-achiever types who typically get stressed out about the smallest things. So this started me on the triathlon journey and finally I feel like I’m ready to take it up a notch to start actually doing them.

So on the day that I signed up for Busso (as it’s commonly known amongst the triathlete community), I went out and bought a road bike (again it’s been something that I was deliberating on for the last year or so) and in the moment of decision – I felt compelled to act … It was the luck of the salesperson that day that I didn’t negotiate nearly as much as I wanted to.

Since then it’s been an incredible learning journey, on the advice of another triathlete friend, I selected a triathlete coach and got onto learning about riding. It hasn’t been without its challenges already – I’ve managed one bike accident so far and there’s so much to learn about cycling that I didn’t foresee, but I’m exhilarated at pursuing this journey to find out what it’ll be like to cross that finish line and complete a full ironman triathlon!

Good luck with your month ahead and look forward to being in touch,


Stan Zaslavsky

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