Stan Zaslavsky

Hi all and welcome to summer 🙂

The weather has suddenly turned up the heat – only a few days ago, we were all rugging up and suddenly its 30 degrees plus!

So the Melbourne Cup is over – congrats to the New Zealand owner who tried to donate 10% of his winnings to an NZ charity, only to be turned away because they don’t support gambling activities.

It’s been an interesting couple of months with some organisations choosing to stand up for their values and not be swayed by financial or beneficial gains.

I’m sure many of you have come across a company called Patagonia – their founder, Yvon Chouinard who has always played to his own tune decided to so to say sell the company to the planet! He came up with a corporate structure to sell a $3 Billion dollar clothing manufacturing company so that the future profits go directly to sustainability campaigns. Read more here – Earth is now our only shareholder

Another interesting thing of note that made an impact on me was to do with a basketball team, Boston Celtics from the NBA. Last season they had one of the most successful seasons to date – yet during the offseason, they suspended their first-time coach who took them to the finals and they were 2 games away from being crowned world champions. The reason? The coach was being inappropriate in his dealings with a female staff member.

Here is a clear core values exercise – one of the most valuable elements of a winning team – yet, the ownership team makes a very difficult decision not to put up with behaviour that is wrong. Both of these were quite inspiring for me as we navigate the way forward and choose how to make decisions when there is so much at stake.

In our news, the project delivery has been very active over the last month – one of the most notable projects was a tight timeframe VCAT appeals visual impact evidence project amongst a range of land estate and residential marketing projects. We have a couple of feature projects for you to check out – Masall Fraser Rise and The Tudor Coach House in London, UK.

Click here to check out The Tudor Coach House

Masall Fraser Rise is a greenfields subdivision project with future community amenities all around it in Plumpton, Victoria and The Tudor Coach House is an architectural statement car collector’s dream, housing 18 cars within a space that would normally fit only about 5 cars.

Click here to check out Masall Fraser Rise.

For the feature video interview this month, it’s the third episode with Jayde Deverson from Equus Works who is talking about his methodology to custom design. He’s the visionary behind the car collection museums that we’ve been busily visualising. In this episode, Jayde talks about “Delivering the Dream” – steps that are taken once the concept evolution is completed.

Check it out here.

And lastly, I’m excited to be back out in the clear waters of Portsea in next January – back for another Portsea Classic swim – have missed this the last couple of years, but excited to be there for my 8th time competing in the race.

Have a fantastic month ahead – the summer holidays are nearly around the corner!

All the best,

Stan Zaslavsky

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