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Hi and welcome to October,

Now that the AFL Grand Final is behind us (although the ultimate result wasn’t all that much of a surprise) and we’re on the short and narrow towards Christmas now – the countdown has well and truly begun.

I was looking a bit into the current economic status and perhaps the subsequent interest rises have had their desired impact as inflation seems to be slowing down and turning the corner. Here is a graph below of the CPI inflation that seems to be dipping slowly and has gone past its peak. Hopefully, this will bring a bit more stability and certainty into the property world as the interest rates are a major factor in how people are feeling about real estate as mortgage payments are such a large cost for average households.

For more info on the above graph – check out

In our news, we’ve completed a range of projects last month including a set of 3D visualisation images for a large land estate in Plumpton about to be launched and a number of smaller off-the-plan marketing projects, but in general, it seems that developers are mainly playing a bit of a waiting game – amidst rising construction costs and land values, there is also an anticipation of a softer market next year – so all in all, these seem to be significant factors weighing on their minds that are causing delays.

The feature project this month is a custom 3D visualisation project we created for the English bespoke garaging company, Equus. The “Aladdin’s” cave of treasures awaits as we open the doors to this Porsche, Lamborghini and Ducati collector’s paradise. We also created a CGI flythrough around the barn to showcase the museum, workshop, sitting room and wine cellar.

Click here to check out the 3D visuals for the project.

Continuing on with the interviews on custom design – in the second episode, we talk with Jayde Deverson from Deverson Design about how he handles the transition from eliciting the soul of the concept to creating the actual concept for a future project.

Click here to check it out.

And with the warmer weather coming through, I’m happy to announce that the open water swimming is back on – the last couple of weekends out on the water have been great and preparation for Portsea Classic 2023 has started!

All the best to your month ahead and look forward to being touch in a month or so,


Stan Zaslavsky.

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