Stan Zaslavsky

Custom design requires a much more agile approach to ensure that the client’s dreams are realised and there is no better person to talk about this than Jayde Deverson, the founder of Deverson Design.

For the last 15 years, Jayde has been designing car collector’s garages or more appropriately highly curated museums and typically they are in the range of $2M AUD plus with designs spanning the globe from the United Kingdom through to Saudi Arabia.

In this first episode on Custom Design, we talk about what it takes to elicit the Soul of the Design and the following key insights are discussed:

  • Typical questions Jayde asks of prospective clients
  • How Jayde ensures the future scalability of his concept as the collections increase
  • How he creates harmony between different types of collectible items?

and much more

Learn more about Jayde and his work here

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