Stan Zaslavsky

What does it take to make your broadacre marketing stand out?

This is the question that every marketer thinks about when presented with the challenge of presenting a new future community offering to prospective buyers.

Maybe in the past, it may have been sufficient to advertise it with a few typical lifestyle images of happy couples walking through a field or kids playing in a quiet cul-de-sac. This is no longer sufficient as the competitive land estate communities may be advertising their future lifestyle with actual streetscapes or entry features or aerial masterplan images, thus making their offering a lot more attractive and realistic.

So how much is enough or what are the basics of 3D visualisation for broadacre projects?

During the past 14 years, we’ve worked on 30 to 40 land estate projects – from 90 lots to more than 2,000 – for land developers all around the country. Although the scope varied, for each one
the fundamental objective was always the same: to create an effective narrative for a future community. And in this definitive guide will take you through the key insights to 3D visualisation for greenfields marketing projects.

Read about the following insights:

1. Project Marketing Strategy

How to stand out in the marketplace with an effective, well-defined marketing strategy, using a clear 7-point planning process.

2. Interact Masterplans of the Future

When to use virtual reality technology to take creative visualisation to the next level and allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the future community.

3. Tell a Story to build Excitement with Guided Flythroughs

How to guide prospective buyers through a 3D animated storyboard of the proposed community and give them the most realistic experience of its features and facilities.

4. Enhance Animated Marketing with Static Visuals

When do static visuals are best used versus animation flythroughs – to strengthen the marketing campaign, add appeal and showcase photorealistic detail

5. Answer Practical Questions for Buyers with 2D Graphics

How to keep buyers informed with additional documentation (2D graphics, master plans, stage plans and floor plans); 2D materials allow greater flexibility and will complement finalised 3D materials.

Download and check and follow these 5 Insights developed in detail in the following pages.

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