Stan Zaslavsky

Hi and welcome to winter,

There is no mistaking that it’s now truly here – most of the eastern seaboard has experienced a pretty icy start to the winter season (even here in Adelaide where it’s normally pretty mild). Still, on the flip side, the snow fields are celebrating as they’ve been able to open the ski season earlier. Guess that’s how it is always – there are always two sides to every coin 🙂

So now that the election is over – we can all get back to business – there are a bunch of new projects being planned for the spring launches and in general, it seems that the agitated mood is starting to settle down – so hopefully there are calmer seas ahead. The market has in general come off the boil with the slight interest rate increase last month – so perhaps the building costs may also have a chance to come down a bit as its been one of the main limiting factors to a lot of projects stalling currently from the conversations we’re having with our clients.

We are also starting to see a bit of a trend in high-end residential construction – the extensive use of masonry blocks of different heights and layout combinations rather than the traditional stackbond brick. The screenshot above is from an upcoming project in Brighton, Victoria and the developer is creating quite a unique vision for this multi-dwelling project.

In line with the conversation on construction costs, we’re starting a new interview series with an innovative Australian electrical wiring manufacturer, MyModular. Their founder, Mark Fahey speaks in the first episode about over the last 13 years, they’ve gone on working on Barangaroo towers amongst many other notable high-rise commercial and healthcare buildings. Check out the interview video here.

The feature project this month is Billy’s Lookout in Teralba, NSW. The land community near Lake Macquarie has the last few stages about to be released to the public and we were engaged to create aerial and eye-level 3D visuals to support the marketing campaign. Click here to check out the images for the project.

All the best for the month ahead and keep warm,

Stan Zaslavsky

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