Stan Zaslavsky

Welcome to May and we’re nearly at the winter season when most southerners start to look for their temporary (in some cases permanent) northerly migration to warmer pastures and in the property market it happens almost the same way every year – stock levels start to lower as most properties have been sold through the autumn period and generally activity slows down.

But the property commentators take this opportunity to start predicting all kinds of ideas – the latest one I read this morning was from an ANZ commentator who predicted property values dropping by 10%. It is plausible as we’ve had two years of very strong property growth and there is the likelihood of the RBA increasing interest rates so that might have an impact on the overall sentiment. And all in all, there probably needs a bit of a cool down in the level of activity to give other indicators time to catch up.

In our news, I’m very excited to announce that Yuliya Klymenko has joined our in-house Adelaide team. She’s a recent arrival from Lviv in Ukraine and has over 10 years of interior design experience after studying at Blake College of Art & Design in London. She’ll have her hands full as our production pipeline is pretty full at the moment – so it’ll be a lot of learning in the deep end, but often that’s the best way.

For the featured project this month – some of you may have also seen on LinkedIn one of our recent projects in the UK launching to the market. It’s called the Saint’s Rural Contemporary Garage. We produced a set of 6 x 3D images and CGI animation for ultra-high-end car collectors and the kind of garages they may want to build. Click here to check out the images and here is some feedback on how our clients found working with us:

“When I look for anyone to help in my business, I look for: 1) Accuracy in detail, 2) highly efficient communication methods, 3) In-depth technical understanding, 4) Commitment to promises. These are the things any focussed, professional should have at the top of their list when considering engaging any service provider; Eagle Vision will exceed your expectations in all areas.”, Jayde Deverson, Equus Automotive

And to finish off the series on Designing for Sound, in the last episode on Audio Equipment, Lee Gray from Kyron Audio discusses some of the most important keys to having the ultimate audio experience. He talks about the placement of audio speakers, how to create depth in your sound stage and much more. Click here to check it out.

All the best for the month ahead and reach out if any visualisation questions come up,

Stan Zaslavsky

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