Stan Zaslavsky

Welcome to Autumn and the end of DST 🙂

The summer and daylight savings is officially over and combined with several other factors such as the possibility of increasing interest rates and the upcoming federal election – it seems that we’ve entered a period of an easing coming through to the growth in property values across the country. It was inevitable after the buoyancy of last year and an almost ravenous appetite for Australian property across all states.

We are still quite busy completing the current projects and there are a couple of exciting new developments on the horizon – but the new project inquiry rate for March has been lower than historically which kind of corresponds with the overall state of the market.

In the meantime, I’m excited to share with you our feature project for the month – 3D visuals for the soon-to-be-built Wyndham Adventure Mini Golf. Click here to check out the images for the project.

For the feature video interview for the month – we’re are continuing our Designing for Sound series with Lee Gray from Kyron. In the next episode, we discuss what to do when having to retrofit an existing entertainment space for ultimate audio reproduction. Click here to see the interview.

All the best for the month ahead and reach out if any visualisation questions come up,


Stan Zaslavsky


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