Stan Zaslavsky

Welcome to Autumn – it’s unbelievable how quickly we’ve gone from the summer holidays to now suddenly dealing with rain across the country and well into the auction season.

We’ve just come out of a record-breaking February month of the total volume of sales and looking forward to delivering some amazing projects for our clients across the board – it’s great to see such a revival after what we experienced in 2018 – it’s nearly getting to the same levels of activity as in 2016/2017 – which could also indicate that the end of the bull run could be near. And there are plenty of indicators to create caution – constructions costs have been escalating dramatically through shortages of transport and other global issues, there are murmurs of interest rate movements and inflation is now at 3.5% but so far RBA has been steady.

And in Melbourne the housing industry had just had a bit of a win – at the beginning of the month, there was talk about creating a new Social Housing tax that would apply to any new project with more than three dwellings so that 1.75% of the total “as-built-value” would be collected into a government fund to be applied to social housing. However, after meeting with stern resistance from industry groups as well as a probable realisation that most if not all of this tax would just be passed onto the buyers which in turn would worsen the affordability issue further – the government decided to pull back on this idea. Let’s see what ensues in the future as social housing is still a major issue going forward.

In our project news – we’re excited to showcase our latest interactive masterplan project at Hereford Hill Lochinvar. This project is a 250 lot estate in the Hunter Valley region and the marketing tool includes a large display home village of 3D homes as well as a well-detailed playground and childcare centre for the future residents.

The tool allows buyers to get up close to all of these facilities and potentially select from the home builder designs for their own land lot. The demand has been quite high – so by the time we had finished the model build, the marketing was already at a fairly advanced stage – so we had filled out some of the previous stages with 3D houses on sold-out stages.

Let us know if you’d like a demo of this interactive masterplan and its advanced functionality to what we had produced for previous projects.

In the video interview series – we are discussing what is possible in a bespoke design when creating the ultimate experience room for audio. Lee Gray, from Kyron Audio, talks about insights such as room modes, first reflection points and much more – click here to check out the next episode in the video series.

As always – we welcome your suggestions on what you’d like to see in future video interviews and all the best for the month ahead,

Stan Zaslavsky

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