Stan Zaslavsky

Welcome to the last newsletter for the year 2021 – whilst there’s been a lot of up and downs in politics and the news, the real estate and construction industry have been on an unbelievable ride forward this year.

I wonder what’s in store for 2022 – but with the low-interest rates environment unlikely to change much (although there are rumblings about that) – we’ll probably see much of the same for the year ahead. So far, what I’m hearing from various property developers is that the banks have started tightening their lending controls and we experienced this by ourselves this year too.

In the project’s flow for last month – the second out of the three VCAT hearing projects that went to appeals in August has been granted a permit. The panel member was a real problem solver as there was quite a lot of community query to the application, to the extent that one of the objectors went ahead and created their own version of the visual evidence photomontages. This is what the clients had to say about our work with the visualisation for the development: “Professional, diligent & accurate. Keep up the good work.”

I’m also proud to talk about another recent project that we completed a set of 5 x 3D visuals within record 15 days from start to completion. The set of images contained 1 exterior, 2 kitchen/living images from different townhouses in 2 colour schemes and 2 bathroom images with alternative colour schemes.

The main contributing factors to achieving that timeframe were the following: clear specifications which we previously used on a different development for the same client and prompt feedback and markups within hours of sending across deliverables. The project wasn’t complicated – but in terms of efficiency, this was certainly up there with the best of them.

We also had a bit of fun with converting our written core value statements to 3D impressions of how we feel about those words. Images often tell a thousand words and hopefully they help our clients understand us better too.

For the feature video this month – we are completing the series on how to acquire and manage high-rise office buildings in a syndicated investment. Check out the second video with Dom Cosentino on the key insights to managing investments of this nature – click here to watch the second video.

All the best for the month ahead and the well-deserved holiday break and look forward to bringing you a lot more interesting news, video insights and articles in 2022.


Stan Zaslavsky

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