Stan Zaslavsky

Australians are a resilient bunch and amidst all the stuff going on, the property market has continued its upward trajectory throughout the year as we move into the spring sales market.

I’m also excited to see that the projects that have come on board are getting through to launch and super excited to be working again with one of our first clients ever with a unique offering – it’s a golf course being converted into a memorial parkland with groves of trees instead of headstones. We’ll be showcasing the images for the project when ready as they should come up quite spectacularly – here is a sneak preview of one of the aerial photos.

Our second ever interactive model at Assembly Broadmeadows is now fully operational and being used for its intended purpose of attracting large scale commercial tenants as well as providing our clients with the flexibility of changing the master plan as required. Check out the Assembly website for more information about the project.

And for the most exciting news – the renewable energy project at Bells Mountain is progressing well and I’m looking forward to sharing with you the video flythrough of the future operation of the powerplant soon.

We’re also concluding the Development Finance series of videos with David Lipschitz from Logic Finance. You can check out the third video in the series on finance for Retaining development stock – you can watch the video here: Development Funding – Part 3: Retention. David has also kindly contributed a PowerPoint presentation containing all the insights from the development funding series – click here to download it.

Some of you may have also received communication from one of our newest team members, Ala Sheldon – who’s joined us to help manage some of our communication efforts, while I’m head down and working through the new projects onboard. She has real estate and legal background as well as a stint in the police force – so I’m hoping that all the t’s will be crossed and i’s dotted as she gets up to speed with the digital visualisation side of property development and custom projects.

Portsea Classic 2020 — OzTiming

And with the swim season fast approaching, I’m hoping that our interstate borders will open up soon as I’ve started my training for the Portsea Classic 2022 held on Jan 15 – it’ll be my 8th time doing it and having missed out this year because of lack of training – really hoping that next year will work out.

As always – I look forward to your questions or comments about 3D visualisation for unbuilt environments and all the best to you for the month ahead,


Stan Zaslavsky

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