Stan Zaslavsky

The financial year 2022 has started off like a rocket! Typically in July, it’s a bit of an average month where a few developers are getting ready for marketing in the spring and summertime and a couple of VCAT visual impact evidence projects come through – but not this July. Aside from the work that we were doing from the months before – this time July was an absolute monster.

July gained a lot of momentum as it kept going and 10 new projects came on board and amongst them were a couple of very large commercial and residential projects for marketing including 3D animations and another interactive animation project.

Plus we completed 2 VCAT photomontage projects that were circulated, 1 mixed-use apartment commercial project that is the feature project this month and is due to be launched shortly to the market and 2 more custom visualisation projects where we used our expertise in helping the clients locate their products in an architectural environment to showcase potential use. So all in all – it was an incredibly busy month which we’re hoping will carry on into the next little while.

This month we are continuing with the video series on development funding and this time around – we are discussing construction funding options in Part 2 of the series. Check out the link to the video here: Part 2 – Construction Funding.

Qudos St Leonards is the project due to be launched shortly – click here to have a look at the 3D visualisation work created for it.

But it wasn’t all good news in July. My training for the Adelaide half marathon 2021 has come to a bit of a pause and I’ve had to postpone it to next year. While thinking that I needed to strengthen my legs, I renewed my gym membership and injured my back and since the event is only 4 weeks away – it’s just not enough time to recover and be ready to do my best at it. So will need to regroup and get after it next year and for now, keep managing the body and strengthen the core while the back is healing up. There is always next year and hopefully, I would’ve learnt from my mistakes by then.

All the best to you for the month ahead and to your development success,


Stan Zaslavsky.


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