Stan Zaslavsky

So the winter has properly set in now and while normally this is the time when most clients are away either skiing or escaping the cold to the tropics or the northern hemisphere, it’s quite different this time around. We’re busier than ever and our clients are all right at it – either lodging new projects, launching new marketing campaigns or in the midst of construction.

The property market auction clearance rates seem to be as strong as ever – here is a snapshot from the last weekend thanks to

So the developers are taking advantage of this and working away as travel has become so much more restricted.

We’ve got lots of exciting news of our own – one of the projects that went to VCAT in May has achieved a town planning permit and is now in getting ready to launch to the market. You can have a look at some of the visual impact assessment images here – Bluff Rd, St Leonards. And a custom 3D visualisation project that we worked on for a renewable solar infrastructure manufacturer, RayGen has achieved their capital raise target and have now started construction – you can read more about it in the Financial Review article here.

And we’ve also started on our next interactive project to challenge us further – we’ll be producing visualisation for a mountain-based power plant that will further take us into the energy custom 3D visualisation space.

On a visit to Melbourne in June, I finally got to see the interactive master plan for Assembly in action in the display suite. Assembly is a 600,000 sqm industrial and commercial estate that is going to re-invigorate the old Ford factory assembly plant. Have a look at the brief video of how it operates below:

In the interviews with property development experts – our next set of videos is all about Development Funding with a commercial finance expert, David Lipschitz. Check out the first video here which is all about finance strategies for the Acquisition stage of development financing.

And for me, now that Great Ocean Rd half marathon is complete – my next event is the Adelaide Half Marathon on the 22nd of August which I’m right in the middle of training schedule. I’m being extra careful with recovery this time around – took about 3 weeks off to let the body recover and it seems to have done the trick perfectly. Previously when I got back into training without much of a break, I injured the hamstring and had to pull out of the event – so learnt a very valuable lesson for this weekend warrior – Give the body enough time to recover.

Hope it works out and I get to improve on my personal best time for the half marathon.

All the best for the month ahead,


Stan Zaslavsky.

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