Stan Zaslavsky

The modern home is all about the amenities of the kitchen and living spaces and the main focal point in the kitchen area is the island benchtop where most conversations take place. The stone selection can take an ordinary kitchen space and transform it into magnificence with its story and presentation. And here to talk to us about stone is Armando Paradiso from Uniq Stone.

Whilst our usual videos are about 4 minutes long, in this slightly longer discussion and Part 1 of the video series on Stone for Property Developments, Armando goes into detail about the history of marble, granite, and reconstituted stone as well as talking through the following key insights:

  • What architects and interior designers need to know about stonework
  • Why reconstituted stone has gained a lot of popularity over the other stones.
  • Marble characteristics and its best applications
  • How book-matching is achieved with marble on large surfaces
  • What are some of the typical thicknesses of stone materials?
  • Why cutting the stone is the most important part of the delivery process?
  • What are the usual stone slab sizes of marble and other stones


You can learn more about Armando and Uniq Stone at

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