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Property has continued its torrid recovery – most cities are reporting increases and Melbourne has just crossed over the $1M mark for the median price – on the back of the biggest quarterly increase in the median house price since December 2009. In my conversations with property developers over the past month – they are now finding it difficult to acquire high-quality sites amongst all this activity, so it seems that the cycle has done its usual go-around.

There are also a lot of developers looking to get ready with their marketing campaigns ready for the Spring sales season – so it’s going to be a busy production winter ahead. All in all – everyone is doing their best to put 2020 behind us and move forward.

For our video series this month, we thought to take a bit of a closer look at how stone manufacturers produce kitchen and bathroom stone surfaces. Armando Paradiso from Uniq Stone is a 20 year veteran in the stone industry and in Part 1 of the series, he talks about how architects and interior designers work with Uniq Stone as well as going into the history of stone and some of the intricacies of the manufacturing process. Click here to check out the video interview.

In my own news, I’m getting ready for the Great Ocean Road half marathon in a couple of weeks time – as a personal challenge that I’ve put into my yearly schedule.

Over the years, I’ve found that business is often much like a marathon – having a regular training schedule and resolving timing conflicts, breaking through any challenges that come up – whether mindset or physical and a myriad of other things that lead up to it and then experiencing the event as a celebration of all that preparation.

So on the 16th of May, I’ll be revisiting the event that I completed in 2013 (although last time was a full 45 km marathon) – it’s probably one of Australia’s prettiest marathons along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and I’ve got all my fingers crossed that it goes ahead amidst all the turbulence and uncertainty.

What is something that challenges you aside from business? Keen to hear your thoughts!

To your development success,


Stan Zaslavsky.

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