Stan Zaslavsky

What happens when a purchaser for an off-the-plan residence wants to know more about the furniture that was used in the 3D visualisation of the project?

Rebecca Wood from BoConcept Adelaide talks about how they work with interior designers and architects in supplying the furniture pieces from Danish design and helping create a seamless transition from 3D visualisation through to a completed apartment fully furnished with the same pieces that initially captivated the buyers’ imagination.

She discusses the following insights and many more:

  • How BoConcept becomes an extension of the developer’s display suite
  • How clients are able to experience the furniture pieces selected in the 3D renders
  • What software is used to detail the interior designers’ moodboards

Rebecca and Tim have kindly contributed a case study of how BoConcept Adelaide would fill out a prospective apartment project including the use of the RoomDesign software.

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