Stan Zaslavsky

In the last episode of the series on Wealth transfer in these challenging times, we sit down to discuss key opportunities that present themselves and how to take advantage of them.

Stan Kontos, a successful pharmacist, property developer and co-founder of Star Pharmacy Group has successfully navigated a number of economic cycles over his 30+ year career and he shares his insights from the years.

In episode 4, we cover the following keys:

  • What opportunities often come up in times of crisis?
  • Cutting costs and recruiting for new talent
  • How to innovate in our businesses and property projects?
  • How commercial and industrial projects may be ripe for innovation and disruption?


Stan has kindly contributed an e-book for you to download – Words to Inspire You on a Daily Basis. Change your thinking pattern, feel inspired and make decisions to change for the better.

Click to download it here

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