Stan Zaslavsky

It’s hard to believe, but we’re about 8 weeks away from 2021 and this year has brought a lot of changes to the world as well as locally. Whilst I can ruminate about the loss of travel and some of the other benefits of being in Adelaide, Melbournites have finally emerged after 111 days of pretty severe lockdown and loss of public liberty that has never happened before even during WWII – but all for the greater good and the outcome is now overwhelmingly apparent that it was worth it.

And whilst normally after the Melbourne Cup Day, property developers typically start to get ready for the well earned extended Christmas break, from what I’m hearing – most will be working right through to make up for the lost time during the year. We’re ready for this as we’ve always worked through the holiday time and normally take a break around June/July when it’s cold and we can plan a warmer escape.

The next episode in the Wealth Transfer in the Times of Crisis is ready – this time we talk about Mindset for Success. Stan Kontos, a successful property developer and co-founder of nationwide Star Pharmacy Group, talks about key insights that have helped him through his 30 or so years in business. Click here to check it out.

And in our news, we’ve completed the first stage of the Interactive Masterplan app for The Gardens estate in Medowie and its been working pretty well – the second stage of the 300 or so lot estate is nearly sold out after the estate was launched earlier in August. The feedback on the app has been great – it’s given people a greater feeling of being immersed into the land estate – so if you’d like to have a preview – let me know.

All the best for the month ahead and to your development success,

Stan Zaslavsky.

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