Stan Zaslavsky

Just as we thought things were starting to return to a new normal, a major setback with the outbreak in Victoria has put the brakes on all that and now the pressure is on federal and state government to ensure that our economy is propped up going forward.

The JobKeeper has been extended to next March and that’s going to go a long way to keeping employment figures stable for now. And grants like the HomeBuilder are also helping to create a bit more activity in the construction industry to offset lack of normal business growth and activity.

In a lot of ways though, whilst this year is one of consolidation rather than active growth – it’s certainly given me and probably a lot of people perspective on what is most important in life and we may finally have the time to take this opportunity to innovate in our industries, as the new world that will emerge from this will likely be very different to before.

The interesting thing about the situation that we find ourselves in – it just feels that a whole bunch of technology innovations are going to accelerate their adoption and integration into normal ways of doing business. I’m finding that people are far more open to remote conversations because that’s the new norm in Iso 2.0 and they are discovering that efficiency is actually higher because we are not losing so much time in travel. This may change the nature of doing business and work forever.

Having recently completed a number of large marketing projects (Verde Monte amongst others), our current projects are mainly a couple of land estates, a large commercial visualisation project and a number of planning photo-montages for projects that are being lodged. And most of these projects have longer timeframes that will require the visualisation services regardless of what is going on in the short term.

As always I look forward to your thoughts and questions and all the best for the month ahead,

To your development success,

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