Stan Zaslavsky

Winter is well and truly here and we find ourselves in a very interesting position – Australia seems to have come out of the virus situation in a relatively unscathed position and with the laws starting to ease up on businesses being able to operate properly and people congregate – we can hopefully start the recovery process.

This again has come to show that we live in a very lucky country and I’m certain that worldwide people are taking notice of it – so when the international borders are opened up, demand to live in Australia will be as high as ever to underpin our economic recovery going forward.

At the moment, it seems that the general mood of property developers getting ready for project marketing in spring is cautiously optimistic – we’ve had quite a busy month in May with new projects coming on board to launch in July and August, it’s just nowhere near as buoyant as last year at the same time.

The clearance rates last weekend across the states though is very healthy with the low stock levels – but from conversations, I’ve had with estate agents – they feel the inquiry level for the property is strong and AFL is also finally coming back around 11th of June – so the next month will show a lot to how the country is going to fare with public events and beyond.


For me, I had planned to run the Adelaide Half Marathon this year and whilst it was postponed to August the 23rd, I trained for the 31st of May and ran the actual track on the day and achieved a personal best result of 1hr 40 minutes and 44 seconds, which was more than 4 minutes quicker than the previous time and for me what this meant is that – if despite what is going on, if we set our mind to an idea – then the best thing to do is persist and good things will happen.

All the best for your month ahead,


Stan Zaslavsky.

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