Stan Zaslavsky

From the last month, I learned a lot about myself – self-isolation is not fun and doesn’t yield positive results and movement forward – people are social creatures and need in-person meetings. Working from home has its advantages – don’t need to be as presentable for in-person meetings, can spend more time with family and focus on the “on-the-business” working ideas and that’s all very good, but a semblance of normality would be nice. Zoom and other web conferencing apps can only do so much to restore the level of communication that I’m normally used to.

We have completed a number of projects this month with happy clients commenting on the rapid delivery of the projects and quality of our communication – but amongst these, there also seems to be rising frustration with the inability to change the trajectory of this year for a lot of our clients. So it’s a tough year for a lot of people – but as they say in the Chinese proverb – “In strong winds, tall oaks grow!” So we’re all doing a lot of growing in a big hurry.

One bright spot perhaps is how well Australia has managed the social isolation and prevented mass spread of the virus amongst the population as well as the fiscal stimulus packages to keep the economy afloat – so hopefully the bounce back once the restrictions are lifted will be quick, but nobody knows really what’s ahead and if there is a second or third wave that might spread – so uncertainty seems to be the word for the year.

What I’ve also learned is that when there is so much uncertainty, the best way to keep pushing forward is to focus on what is controllable and that’s to keep our own emotions in check. Onwards and upwards!

To your development success,

Stan Zaslavsky.

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