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In the complex world of 3D visualisation, we have always strived for creating a clear understanding for our clients of how we create the beautiful 3D imagery for projects, because if our clients understand what we are going through even at a high level, then there will be no surprises when we deliver various milestones. To this end, we have pioneered furniture style guides and camera angle diagrams very early on in our business journey and have continually looked for new ways to bring clients into the inner workings of Eagle Vision.

We took another big step in this direction last year when we introduced the Eagle Vision client portal to accompany our 3D visualisation production. As well as providing transparency to every task that we undertake in the production, the portal improved our efficiency by removing the guesswork for new and existing clients.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the key features of the portal and what it allows our clients to explore and understand.

6 Key Elements to Client Portal

Dashboard – Control Centre to Your Projects

The dashboard of the client portal provides a snapshot of what’s currently in production as well as any support cases that our clients may have opened if something is unclear. By clicking on the dropdown arrow in the top right-hand side, it allows you to review your account settings and update if required.

The Active Tasks area will display any active tasks that have been assigned to the client – whether its to review a milestone or answer a question. Active Projects and Active Support Cases tabs work similarly.

Projects Section

Within the Projects section is where the real life of the Client Portal starts. Here at one glance you can see the progress of your current projects and click on them to review in more detail. You can also see project description and deliverables as well as the start and last update dates.

By clicking into the active project, the first screen that appears is the description of the project that shows who else is assigned to the project as well as any relevant due dates and the overall progress of the project.

This screen also allows you to create a new message or a task for the project if something comes up.

By clicking on Project Tree, you can start seeing the various milestones of the project progress and what we are up to. The dropdowns to the right again provide the functionality to create a message, task or add an attachment to various sub-projects. By clicking the blue arrows on the left allow you to see any outstanding tasks in the sub-projects.

Activity Stream tab in the Projects section shows all the latest emails and attachments that have been sent across. This is the easiest way to track communication during the project.

Similarly, in the Attachments tab – the system will show various items that have been sent across during the project duration.

Tasks Section

The Tasks section is when there is something assigned to you as the client.

Support Section

The support section is where you can create support cases for various categories – accounts, projects and any other questions that may come up. By clicking the blue plus sign in the top right-hand corner – you can create a support case with various priorities.

Forms Section

Forms section is for any web forms that we may need you to fill out – at this stage, it’s not used quite as much as the project section – since main communication is through the activity stream in the projects section.

Knowledge Base Section

Another one of the key areas in the client portal is the Knowledge Base – we have written many articles to explain various parts of our 3D visualisation process. From how to use the client portal through to specifics that go into the modelling component of the projects – the knowledge base contains a lot of valuable information to help you understand what and how we go about creating 3D imagery.

Above is a screenshot of one of the articles within the Knowledge Base – it describes our high-level process of the delivery of your 3D visualisation images.

Client Portal – Commitment to Transparency

We created the Client Portal with a view to the future and to provide you with as much transparency into our processes as possible. It sheds light on the inner workings and provides progress indicators to how we are going with tasks to be done to deliver your 3D visualisation.

The knowledge base and other areas provide further support if you need it, but the main key is obviously the projects section to ensure that productivity is kept up and your timeframes are met and exceeded if possible.

To your development success,


Stan Zaslavsky

BEng / BTech (Ind Design), LREA, VPELA

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