Stan Zaslavsky

Well, what a turnaround of events it’s been! The last 4 weeks are certainly proving to many what kind of mettle they are made out of. The pandemic that was so far removed in a foreign country is now well and truly global and every country is feeling it. The real estate agents are having to run private inspections for everything and over the last two weekends which normally are the busiest auction weekends of the calendar – over 40% of properties have been pulled off the campaigns – so the effects are being felt everywhere.

In a way, we’ve had business as normal because of our distributed production system with multiple redundancies at every point – but regardless of the production, the inquiry has been pretty steady and if anything we are busier now than we were last year in April. Amongst a number of projects completed in March, we recently completed the visualisations and floorplan graphics for a 12 storey tower near Brisbane CBD that has just had a soft launch in the market – check out the visualisation for The Carl residences here.

The current pipeline of projects has us well on the way through into Australian winter time and hopefully the world with come up with better solutions in the meantime than keeping everything closed and people isolated. However, if it is to be – then better this than the alternative of spreading the virus everywhere. One of our clients has written this well worthwhile article for those in Melbourne – The Corona-virus and the Property Market – Here’s what you need to know

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt for me, has been regular meditation and focusing on the outcome that I want for the year. I’ve removed myself from most of the social media channels as the streams were quite overwhelming on the same topic and quite frankly distracted more than I wanted for me to keep a steady state of mind. For those interested in learning more about meditation – there is a fantastic YouTube video by the creator of the Headspace app – check it out here: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes.

As always, to your development success,

Stan Zaslavsky

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