Stan Zaslavsky

Welcome to 2020 – it’s a new decade which arrived quite suddenly and already by February, the year has had a lot of going on – immense bushfires all across the country, health and climate change crises – one has to wonder, what else does this year have in store.

Everything feels accelerated and unlike previous years, when January is typically a bit of a slow month – for us its been extremely active. The run into the end of the year was quite strong late last year and we finished it off with a showpiece project at 10 Asling Street in Brighton amongst a number of others – six 3D visuals, 8 floorplans and 2 floorplates for an off-the-plan marketing campaign for 8 town residences in a premier street in a high-end Bayside suburb of Melbourne. Click to see the images for the project here.

A number of new projects have come in mainly for project marketing campaigns and less for town planning applications and the developers are back in force. So, from what we can see at the early going – it seems that the recovery in the property space is well and truly underway supported by population growth demand across Melbourne and most of the eastern seaboard.

To your development success,

Stan Zaslavsky.

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