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Getting your visual images right for your property development can be the difference between sitting on stock with limited enquiries, or selling out fast with multiple offers.

A great set of visual marketing material can really get the juices flowing of a buyer and get them excited about what you have to offer.

In an episode of the Property Developer podcast, I spoke with Justin Gehde about digital images and visual marketing materials. Something that plays a key role when selling off the plan.

A great visual image will have a powerful story and move a potential purchaser to take action.

There is such a variety of quality with visual marketing material from the downright terrible to absolutely amazing, and everything in-between. And the costs for marketing materials ranges from cheap to significant.

As a previous guest on the podcast, Ben Buxton said, there is a real importance to imagery, it draws in the viewer and should dazzle and seduce.

How digital 3D visuals help sell real estate

Digital images or renders are such a critical part of selling off the plan, as they are often the first contact potential buyers have with your project or product, and it must move them to take action, which is most likely to contact the agent.

Justin raised a lot of questions about digital images and marketing tools, we talked about what makes good visual imagery, what questions you should ask a visual artist, and why renders can play a critical part in the planning application process.

Tips for getting great digital 3D images for property developments

Here are the 3 key points Justin took out of that conversation

1. Allocate sufficient budget to get a couple of really great renders done

Understand your market and audience and budget for the best renders you can afford.

Research suppliers and check their portfolios and process to make sure they fit with the result you are looking for. And of course, try to be better than other visual offerings in your market.

2. Get the key elements of your renders right

I talked about accuracy, mood, composition and lighting, so focus on these areas when you are briefing your visual artist or reviewing drafts. Remember to avoid renders devoid of emotion. You need to try and dazzle and seduce.

3. Good imagery should tell a story

Lifestyle, mood, and emotion can all be portrayed in a good render. Work hard to create story and emotion in your renders, and check out what the high-end developers produce for their projects and see what you can borrow from their direction and elements. There’s nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from the big guys.

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