Stan Zaslavsky

This month we got together with one of Melbourne’s leading architects in apartment developments, Peter Sugar from Sugar Holmes Architects.

Peter graduated from Melbourne University School of Architecture in 1976. After a period as a project architect on a variety of major developments in Britain, Italy and the Middle East, he returned to Melbourne, Australia and was for some years a director of Caulfield, Krivanek & Sugar Architects.

On leaving to form Sugar & Company, he established an architectural practice dedicated to meeting clients needs through exceptional client service. Peter is a firm believer that this begins by listening – listening to understand the clients’ needs and wants, being flexible and following through is the only way to “get it right”. This allows Peter to provide the information required to allow clients to make the best-informed decision.

From his interview, you will learn about the current environment for architecture and planning, creating the right balance and mix of apartments in the developments, latest trends in modular construction, dealing with objectors and the future for apartment developments.

The following were the questions that we talked about:

Q1. How do you provide an edge to your clients in this competitive environment?

Q2. How do you then find a balance and ensure that the projects are most effective?

Q3. Talking about optimisation, have you dealt with modular construction and how effective that is in Australian architecture and development.

Q4. Objectors – How do you typically deal with situations where neighbours object to the planning proposal as they quite often do?

Q5. Where do you see the architecture and development moving to in the next 12 months – regarding the mix of apartments and their sizes?

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